incarnation, redemption and intentional community

These three words are key to a lot of what we do, and what we intend to to do here in Grimsby.

It’s difficult for many people to understand why we moved here – for some even more difficult to comprehend why we actively want to live on an estate which is known in this already deprived area, for being particularly deprived.

But the truth is, we want to see God made flesh in this place, we want to see the people and places downtrodden and abandoned by the world, labelled as useless and hopeless by society, redeemed.  We want to see community developed in a fractured society.

We aren’t thick enough to think we are the answer to all the problems, we aren’t arrogant enough to consider ourselves better than others at bringing about change, we aren’t naive enough to think that no community exists here already.

What we are is ready to lay down what the world has to offer, to serve others and do as St David suggested ‘the small things’ which can make the world a better place for those enduring their own private hells.  And we can introduce to those who havent heard the good news, something that can change every part of their lives.

So if you’re up for it, please pray that we can get a house on the Nunsthorpe estate, if that is not where God wants us, then we arent so stubborn that we will try and force it.  We’re just following what we believe him to be saying, and that’s all.

I’m currently trying to talk someone into letting us have a vandalised flat rent free if we do it up for them – you never know – ‘sounds crazy but it might just work…’

I went to see the local school with the girls today, it seemed great.  There’s a new head teacher, eager to make his mark I’m sure, by improving the school and raising the standards – the girls both loved it, and begged me to let them go there – it’s not down to me though, we’re waiting on the LEA to decide.

If we do move on to the estate, it will be the first step in what we think will be a new episode for us, one characterised by some of the marks of new monasticism, and built around many of the principles of cross cultural mission which we’ve been schooled in over the last few years.

And there will be a lot of gardening to do when I get my allotment going!


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