Get your cheapskates on

Most likely people are sick of me banging on about cutting back on consumption, living more frugally, washing your clothes with nuts, and all that sort of thing.  But the truth is that the reason I go on about it is that if we all were to take some steps to cut back, we’d make a big impact on the planet, and thereby our fellow human beings.

So I was entertained by this nice bit of pop journalism in the Independent this morning, where writer Jamie Merrill is given the assignment of living on £1 per day for a week, following the year spent by teacher Kath Kelly doing just that.

Merrill struggles to shrug off the way of the spendaholic, toasting the week to come with a £70 drinking session with his mates.  But he seems to find genuine fulfillment in living frugally, and why shouldnt he.  (Especially when he knows he only has seven days to do it for.)

But what encouraged me most, was not the writers ebulliance about the subject, but rather the meeting he has Peter Tatchell, the day after his frugallity assignment – Tatchell it turns out (I didnt know this) lives on £7000 per year – which is pretty good going.  He has turned down well paid positions to live out his ideals in what we would think of as poverty.  But as he recognises, in world terms he is rich.  Good for him.

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