Pete Rollins – Irony and Fetishism

A really well crafted piece of writing from the excellent Pete Rollins this morning explores the concepts of irony and fetishism as strategies to avoid change – to avoid confronting the real issues of our lives.

I sometimes agree with the stuff that Rollins writes, sometimes disagree, sometimes just get confused, but whichever way it goes, his writing is always stimulating and challenging.

This particular article immediately makes me consider how much our fellowship gatherings are fetishes, ways of avoiding dealing with or confronting the lifestyle changes we need to take on.  We can use these church meetings (to use an uncharacteristicly electrical metaphor) as insulation against change rather than the conductor of it.

The article is well worth a read and meditation – and along the way provides one of the clearest explanations of irony I’ve seen, which Alanis Morisette could have done with reading.


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