sheds, sheds, glorious sheds

with the allotmenteering about to begin (I chose my plot and sent off my application – just waiting to sign on the dotted line) I am now turning my attention to the practicalities of the plot.  It hasnt been worked in a while, so I’ve taken George Monbiot’s advice and bought a digging hoe, (aka Azada, aka trench hoe, aka Chillington hoe.)  As well as a slasher to cut down long pieces of foliage.  My plan is to dig over the plot, and then put something down over it, black plastic perhaps, to kill off the deep rooted weeds.

I’ve also been planning the layout of the plot, and one thing that seems vital to me, is a place to sit and have a cuppa – namely a shed.

I have been known to get somewhat obsessed with Yurts and tipis, but for this purpose I am keener on getting a more robust wooden structure going.  On that basis I’ve been interested to read about modern sheds – very swanky!  And more down my street – hermit cabins.  But both of these are too pricey, so I’m keeping a sharp eye on freecycle, as well as local small ads, while also trying to find a good way of making one myself out of recycled materials, but without spending about as much as I would on a standard prefab garden shed.

Mind you, what I’d really like to do is build a nice eco round house or something, and on that note I am reminded that the Brithdir Mawr community has been saved by a planning decision – quite right too.  Reminds me a bit of when my Auntie’s hippie commune was saved, prompting (to my memory) a newspaper headlien which read: “Victory for the flintstones.”


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