Ethical trade coming out of Mongolia

I went to Mongolia about five years ago, it was a brilliant trip, camped out in Gers (aka Yurts) rode little Mongolian horses, spent time with amazing nomadic people, just a great experience.  Now I have friends living over there, and they have an ethical trade business producing stuff there, you can check them out at their new website.

I have in recent times investigated the possibilities of importing a Ger over from Mongolia, but I worked out that it would cost about the same as to buy a British made one, which would be considerably more environmentally friendly.  Plus there’s the slight downside that the felt that comes over from Mongolia is no good because apparently it’s totally infested… hmmm, reflecting on those nights spent in a Ger, I feel slightly uneasy now.

I hope one day to take my kids over to Mongolia, perhaps if we can get enough vegetable oil together, we can make one massive road trip…  Anyway, do check out Mary and Martha, if you fancy importing some ethical craft stuff from Mongolia, strike now while the iron is hot!


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