nbn festival – a glimmer

I’ve been pondering the concept of this ‘no big names’ festival, which I mentioned before here and here.

Today I was struck with a bit of inspiration by the hairy bass genius that is Steve Lawson. Actually I knew Steve when I was a kid, he was hairy then too. But hirsuteness aside, he wrote today about his plan to tour a series of ‘house concerts’, in other words he turns up and plays a gig in somebody’s house. They have invited friends or advertised it, they’ve worked out a way to pay the musicians, etc.

I thought, ‘dang, if that aint a touch of genius’. It’s much more sustainable and do-able than a larger scale gig. It offers a completely different kind of musical experience, one for which Steve perhaps is well equipped, better than the likes of U2 for instance! But having good music played in an intimate setting is brilliant.

Then I met a guy who has a cinema in his house, he’s done a spare bedroom out with a big screen and surround sound etc, and I recognised the same kind of potential that the home gigs model has.

What if we did a festival where the gigs, talks, exhibitions, whatever were in people’s homes, gardens, public spaces, etc? Yes you would need people to be willing to host the different events, and there would be a fair amount of logistical management involved, but it could be done surely! It offers a smaller scale, more relational experience, with no room for big names, or big costs, or big egos. A couple of larger scale events which could be held in public parks or similar could be open to the general public… so much potential for goodness! Can I get a witness?!

As well as the above mentioned good things, this is a totally scalable and replicable project, you could spread it across a large area, or keep it contained in a small one. And you could even host one in your own town. Easy peasy. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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