Discussions over global economics are including more references to Marx again, which is encouraging – I still see Marx as falling into the tradition of the Biblical prohpets.  Albeit his large scale vision turned into a nightmare, (and capitalism hasnt of course) his underlying principals of communist economics are arguably much more laudable than anything we live with today.

I posted before that I think we all have some responsibility in the current financial hardship, Kyb disagrees a bit (see comments) but I maintain my view.  However I think Kyb and I agree quite a bit though, in particular Kyb makes the point about interest, and that is one of the key points in my thinking.  All the people of the book have teaching which tells them not to charge interest, yet seemingly its only our Muslim brethren who take this seriously.

But ok, it’s very difficult if not nigh impossible to operate outside of the current system.  So on a more simple level, its not difficult to bank ethically in this country, yet the majority of people are with a ‘normal’ high street bank.  If you’re interested, you can get good banking with the Co-op, excellent online stuff with Smile, and the Sally Army have a bank called Reliance, who seem like good people.

You can also consider alternatives when it comes to property purchasing – how about housing co-operatives?  Investments – how about Triodos?

Personally I would advocate a more radical path, live with less, give more away, live more communally, a good read for those interested in challenging their own lifestyle is: Ron Snyder’s classic: Rich Christians In An Age Of Hunger.  A good read for those not interested in doing so would probably be the FT.

This Ekklesia report ‘Towards an economy worth believing in‘ is a good read too.

Meanwhile I’ll be investigating alternatives to money, such as those Kyb suggested, as well as my continuing interest in Freeconomics…


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