A clean slate?

We’ve looked at lots of places to live now, they all have problems, too expensive, too far away, too small, too…

But yesterday we saw somewhere which we would both like, of course it too has issues. One day a few weeks ago I went to look at a flat above an off-license on the estate that we want to live on.

The flat itself was pretty good, a decent size, centrally located within the estate, reasonable condition too.

There were a couple of problems with it though, no outside space for a start, so nowhere to hang out washing or anything like that. Also it was reasonably pricey.

When we left the flat I looked up and noticed that the next door flat, above a bakers shop, was boarded up, I then noticed that it was almost exactly the same as the other flat except – it has a garden out the back of it.

To cut a long story short, I got in contact with the bakery firm, who own the flat above their shop, and asked if they would be interested in renting it out to us. They said, ‘sorry, it’s been vandalised, so we cant rent it out’.

I asked cheekily if there would be any way they’d let us do it up, in lieu of rent. To my enormous surprise, they thought about it, and said ‘yeah alright then, why don’t you go and have a look at it.’

So yesterday we went to see it, there is a lot of work that needs to be done, new boiler, some new windows, redecoration throughout, it’s just a shell at the moment really. But it offers so much in terms of potential for redemption and symbolic restoration, that we cant quite get away from it.

The opportunity to have it as a central place of prayer in the estate seems almost too good to pass up.

However, sums need to be done, and to do the thing we’d most likely need to have a fair bit of cash in hand, which we dont have at the moment.

Still if this is to be our next step, it seems to me that the money wont be an issue. I’ll keep you posted… no pun intended.


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