soap nuts again

I haven’t mentioned soap nuts recently, so its high time they got another plug!  But if you dont believe me, why dont you have a look at this critique, which will also give you some idea of the different uses soap nuts can be put to.

The writer gives a slightly reserved assessment of the efficiency of soap nuts when it comes to washing clothes, my reply to that would be that we never had a big problem with them, except when it came to getting stubborn stains out.  My suggestion would be as follows, use soap nuts for your main washing, when you have a significantly stained items, you may wish to use a proprietary stain remover, like one of the ecover ones.

Also, we used the occasional soap flake wash, in fact I made my own soap mixture which was a combination of soap flakes, water, lavender oil and rosemary oil, which works pretty nicely.

At the moment, what with being homeless and all, we arent exactly in control of our washing, so the soap nuts arent in action.  But when we get back to running our own place again, it will be soap nuts all the way baby!


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