I finally got the key for the allotment gate today, I got my id card yesterday, and now I can access the plot at will, I surveyed the land this afternoon… there’s a lot of work to do!  But that’s all cool, I’ll be down there this weekend with the strimmer and the digging hoe, and kids have got their spades ready, bit by bit we’ll whip the place into shape!

Tomorrow I am going to take my tame builder to see the flat above the shop, the one we hope will prove to be a good place for us to live.  We need to work out whether it will cost us more to do it up, than it would to rent somewhere.  The moment of truth is getting nearer.

I’ve also managed to get some work going, I’m doing about two days a week’s marketing for a clothing company, and this week Steve and I had a meeting with some local youth workers and a guy from the council, about running comic book courses for some young people who have been excluded from school.  This is the stuff we really like doing, and we’re pretty excited about doing it.  We’re also talking about some new comic book action, which we’ve been planing.  The new comic, which will form part of the SAM119 universe, has the working title: Zeke, and I think it could be really great.  We’re probably going to do a free download pdf version, and possibly a limited edtion print run, cos we dont want to be left with loads of copies sitting under our beds for ages again!  Also, although we made our money back on the last ones, the work we got on the back of it proved to be much more pforfitable than the comic sales, and with much less hanging around in comic conventions 🙂

So things are moving along quite nicely, still to get my youngest daughter into a school, and still to get a house, but it feels a bit like we’re gaining momentum, and I’m confident that the rest will fall into place pretty soon.

Looking forward to what the future holds!


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