the first day on the allotment

Saturday saw the first big attempt at working on the allotment, the weather was perfect for working outdoors, and I spent about four hours strimming and hacking away at the ground.

With various hold ups like needing more strimmer coil, finding the kids, chatting to other gardeners and rescuing a boy who was stuck in some barbed wire, I managed to get about 1/3 of the plot strimmed.  About 80 square meters I reckon.

Here’s a picture which gives an idea of the size of the plot, and it’s current condition…

The red arrows show the rough boundary points, if you stare at it hard enough you might see the canes that I stuck in the ground to mark the boundary.

Usually I prefer to use all muscle powered tools, but after some fairly fruitless machete based hacking at long grass, I returned to the petrol powered strimmer.  I suppose once upon a time people would have used a scythe for a job like this, these days though scythes are a little thin on the ground.

So burn up fossil fuels it is then…

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