allotment goings on

Saturday was another full day down at the allotment, but rather than the day of strimming I had expected, things took a turn that I hadnt expected…

I got talking to Harry, who at 82 is the oldest guy on the allotments.  He decided while talking to us, that he would give up one of his plots, as he doesnt really have enough energy to keep it up properly!  (He’s eighty flipping two!!)

So he proposed that if I wanted, I could take on the one he’s giving up.  I snapped the old feller’s hand off.  So now I have a plot which is much easier to work, having been dug over in the not too distant past.  There is also a big area that is full of five year old rotted dung, and even a little shed!

Not a bad haul, but in case it wasnt enough, Harry gave me some Japanese Onion sets to sweeten the deal.  So I put a row of onions in, stuck some fruit trees in, cut some brambles and long grass back, and then did some more digging.  Not a bad day’s work all told.

Pictures to come…


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