downpressor man

Ben Okafor’s fantastic Downpressor Man is available on Itunes, and elsewhere I think, at long last!  This is a classic track, I had it on a cassette many years ago, and have wished desperately that I’d kept it for many years since.

I was so desperate that I almost bought it on vinyl, but chose not to add to my vinyl collection until I once again have a turntable – now I learn that Ben has basically put his whole back catalogue up for download on itunes etc, so I have handed over my 79p, and there it is.

If you dont know Ben Okafor, check him out, he’s a fantastic artist, ok Downpressor Man may sound of it’s time, but his recent recordings are totally contemporary.  He fuses Reggae with western rock and jazz, along with world music elements from Afrobeat onwards.  Brilliant artist, horribly under-rated.


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