sam119 – evolution

it’s been a few years since we first published the SAM119 series, we learned a huge amount by doing so, and looking back at it, I am really proud to have been part of the whole project.

Well now we’re up to our old tricks again, we’ve a new project on – which we’ve called ‘Zeke’, and which carries on from the SAM119 story arc, taking the whole thing in a new direction, and with a more grown up look (to reflect the fact that we are more grown up 😉 )

Here is the first sketch to be shown in public from the new project, we’ll put more up as we progress!


2 thoughts on “sam119 – evolution

  1. Simon. Miss you Guys. Sam119 was a well done comic series and I am looking forward to the return!

    Keep up the great work. The new direction looks amazing and has me drooling to see more. Can’t wait.


  2. hi eric, great to hear from you brother! Your work is always great, and we’re chuffed to have your seal of approval!!!

    much love, S.

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