back again to save the world

well it has happened again, I managed to dodge the blog for what seems like an epic amount of time, hundreds of hours have gone by, wordpress has even changed the layout of it’s dashboard and everything – very disoncerting!

But here I am, back on the blog, I suppose the reason I have been away is that I’ve just been under too much pressure from other things, and usually when I am holding too much, something drops out of my hands, in this case it was the blog, could be worse I suppose.

I have been more or less managing to keep up with reading my feeds though, although I was a little disheartened to see this morning that I have 99 feeds waiting to be read.  So I read one, by Hamo writing on his backyard missionary blog.  Hamo is a good writer and incisive, he usually has something interesting to say (although occasionally wonders off to talk about four-wheel-drive vehicles…) but this morning he provided a piece about changing the world.

The gist of the post is: ‘when I was a youth leader I used to tell people they could ‘change the world/be a history maker’ etc, but now I realise we need to be content to be ordinary’ that’s a little short, so you need to read the whole thing to get the proper take on it.

But I want to say that while I do agree with the excellent Hamo in one way, I profoundly disagree in another.

I believe that each of us can make a big difference, can be a world changer, and in too many cases we settle for a very poor second best.  The trouble is, we are too easily bought out, go too often for the ‘serving two masters’ approach.

Lets be honest, how many of us are living sold out lives of Christ-like passion?  Not many, we’re too interested in making sure we’ve bread on the table, and a roof over our heads, despite the fact that the Bible says not to worry about these specific things.

Hamo is right about the unhelpfulness of those who ‘prophecy’ about the ‘great things’ each of us may accomplish, this is by and large just a cold-reading bit of ego feeding, and should be put a stop to.  What we do need is that constant challenge, that egging on to go a bit further, to turn away from the world’s way of doing things and to live differently.

As we do so, the ordinary becomes the extra-ordinary, the insignificant becomes significant.  Changing the world can be found in a conversation, not in ‘getting a position of influence’ as if that was what Jesus modeled.  Jesus impact was as much about touching a leper as healing one, and in our ‘ordinary’ and ‘insignificant’ lives, we can do precisely that.

We shouldnt let ourselves get disappointed with lack of success, or lack of recognition, because that is precisely the opposite of changing the world.  We should be disappointed with our own failure to change our own lives, and we should be on our knees asking for the grace to live differently and follow Jesus example.

In all honesty this is probably what Hamo was saying anyway, but I want to say dont give up on changing the world, strive to go beyond yourself, hold the big dreams, but dont neglect the little things.  Dont be driven by a desire for significance, but be bold in a an attempt to live differently and in doing so, you too can change the world.


One thought on “back again to save the world

  1. Thanks for the blog. It is hard to overcome the “two masters” syndrome, but it can be done. But even if you give up most “things,” as I did when I was a monk, you still have to contend with the desires of the heart. That is a battle we will never outgrow.

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