listening to right now…

what are you listening to right now?  Please dont tell me its some dodgy radio station, seriously I’ve given up on just about all of them, except radio 4, six music and the occasional prog from radio 3 and BBC 7.

So instead, I would like to invite you to listen to my own personal radio station, created by the magic of last fm.  You will find it quite excellent I am certain, although those of a sensitive disposition may wish to skip a couple of the more strident tracks 🙂

The only issue is that it does seem to create its own little playlists, and will feature some songs on heavy rotation, which is fine except too much balkan brass can get a bit wearing – LOL.

Seriously check it out, it’s class!  Let me know anyone else you think I should include in my library (its a work in progress), or any artists you really like that you havent heard before!


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