More on Reliant clergy shirts

I was asked if I can explain a little bit more about the situation with Reliant vis a vis ethical trade – possibly my last post was a bit waffly…  (me waffle? shurely shome mishtake!)

So for those who want to know more – here’s the low down – or as some New Zealanders I read about would say – the skinny – which is mainly culled from an email I wrote this morning.

Having been involved in one way or another in ethical garment issues for over a decade I am really excited about getting the opportunity to work with Reliant, to help them communicate how much they are doing in this area.

In fact (shhhh!  It’s a secret!) Reliant is committed to bringing online a range of certified fair trade products, all being well, this will happen in the new year.  However, the point of the post was to demonstrate that our commitment to ethical and just trade goes beyond just making a lot of noise about being fair trade.

Reliant’s ongoing relationships with well regulated, and regularly inspected suppliers mean that we have a sustained, and sustainable, personal, and meaningful commitment to working with them to see many people empowered and enabled to rise out of poverty.

Beyond this commitment we also give portions of our profits to charitable causes, and we are also sometimes able to send excess stock to be used by folk involved in humantiarian causes.

Of course we can do better, that is true of everyone who walks this earth.  But the great thing is we’re trying, and we’re making a positive impact in the world of ecclesiastical garments, clergy shirts, and such like – a small world I know, but a real world none the less.

I only work with Reliant because I am impressed by them, and believe in what they are doing, and I want to help them tell more people about it. Those who know me will recognise I wouldnt be very likely to be working with them otherwise!

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