Interesting things I have read recently

As you can tell by the lack of regular blogtastic writing, I have been somewhat busy of late, not too busy though to be able to keep on top of some news stories and most of my blog feeds.

So in case you missed these gems, kindly allow me to point out some interesting nuggets from the world wide interweb.

Ed Stourton gets sacked from the today program for being too posh – wow, I never noticed it happen, but it seems old Ed is gone, he was/is quite posh, but he’s also a good presenter on Today, and I’m a bit disappointed by the BBC on this one.  (He also pointed out that the good ole Queen mum was a bigot – fancy that!)

The environmental Banksy struck fear into the heart of coal powered power stations everywhere by turing one off and disappearing into the night without so much as a by-your-leave.  Rumour has it he just put loads of wet newspaper and cardboard on top of the coal, that really does put coal out you know! Leaving only his crudely mocked up ‘no new coal’ sign as a calling card, this latter day green pimpernel made mincemeat of the defences at Kingsnorth, mainly by not walking around in a massive gang of people I suggest.  Prince Charles’ wearabouts at the time of the incident are being checked…

Lush the cosmetics firm who make nice soap without being too bad for the environment – but costing about a million pounds per bar, have finally cut out sls from their shampoos.  This would normally only make me raise one appreciative eyebrow, but instead I raise two, because it reminds me that Lush also fund plane stupid (or did) the awkward types who made a nuisance of themselves on a runway recently.

Jellyfish are going mental – and squid are failing to cope with climatic change, both of these news stories interest me because right now I am reading Taras Grescoe’s excellent book ‘Bottomfeeder’ which is a superb portrayal of the current fisheries industry, in all it’s horror.  But Grescoe doesnt walk the easy path of condemn and run, like what I tend to do, but instead finds a way we can all eat more fish (a good thing) without destroying the oceanic eco system with our barbarous behaviour.  I thouroughly reccomend it as an excellent and enlightening read.

Howies posted a link to an interesting article about the survival skills employed by rough sleepers, which should interest anyone who is interested in that sort of thing – lol.  I found it interesting, and it also reminds me that Howies are sponsoring/organising a ‘bivvy bag challenge‘ you need to walk from your home, a distance of about 30 miles or so, carrying a bivi bag to sleep in, and use no vehicles of any sort.  It’s basically a way of discovering the beauty around us, and if you do it, and document it properly, you can win stuff I think.  Maybe I’ll dust off the goretex bivi myself and give it a go…

And finally, for those who dont really get off on daily bible notes, or that sort of thing, but would like to use something external as part of their daily spiritual rhythm, you might like to try this, it’s called Sacred Space, and its run by the Irish Jesuits of all people.  I’ve been using it for some time, and have found it be really good stuff.

That’s your lot for now, I’m off to sort out the flat!


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