Radio Interview – Ajani’s story

A little while ago we went to UCB UK, to be interviewed about the experiences surrounding the short life of our son Ajani.  Ajani had anencephaly, and was never to live outside of the womb.

The interview was good, and I hope quite helpful for anyone in a similar kind of situation.

So anyway, its being broadcast on UCB UK tomorrow (Friday 2nd of Jan) between 10am and mid-day, the presenter is Paul Hammond.  In all its about an hour long, so I guess it will take up a large part of the program.  You should be able to listen online here, you can also get in on DAB and sattelite receivers.


One thought on “Radio Interview – Ajani’s story

  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog today and was wondering if there was a way to listen to the interview about Ajani now. I couldn’t find a place to podcast the interview at UCB, but am not familiar with the UCB site either…

    By the way, this ultrasound picture of Ajani is just awsome.


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