they SO got this wrong!

Last week, catching up on my blog reading I noted that Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) had done a little test on his blog, which computed the gender of the blog author according to the content of the blog.

Oh how I laughed reading that the results showed the blog author was ‘gender neutral’ – how mirthful I became as I read his claims that it must be the influence of his wife and daughters!

And then how the smile cleared from my butch, masculine face as I read the results of the same test on my own humble scribblings:


I can’t believe it!  What is it about all the talk of manly things on this here blog which makes this wretched program think I’m feminine?  Not that I would have a problem with it, if I was a woman – but I’m not!  I’m a man!

To make the situation worse I did the test on some other blogs by male friends of mine, and there’s came out as masculine – (I’m not saying who, because its too humiliating).

Ok, so I like cooking and do the occasional bit of sewing, but apart from that, well, I just dont think I’m all that feminine… ho hum.


4 thoughts on “they SO got this wrong!

  1. just because you talk about clothes, gardening, laundry, cooking, and praying? what is this, 1950? I say be proud of defying those gender norms.

    (this is completely unrelated, but it’s been bugging me for a while. I recently watched High Fidelity, and has anyone ever told you that you bear an uncanny resemblance to John Cusack?)

    1. there speaks the girl who wouldnt have short hair for fear of looking butch? Nah, you’re right, I quite like it really. People have likened me to John Cusack, and a couple of other ‘uncoventionally handsome’ stars, but unfortunately they tend to prefix the name with something like ‘a fat version of…’ which is a little unkind, as I am perhaps a pound overweight! The worst one was when a photographer I worked with always used to call me: ‘the fat Louis Theroux’ which will I suppose mean less to Americans than Brits.

  2. The fat Louis Theroux! That’s brilliant. But then, I like Louis Theroux, although I like his dad more . . . Paul Theroux is one of my favourite writers.

    1. it’s not brilliant – it’s very cruel and hurtful. Anyway, I was in a Louis Theroux program, Louis meets the Hamiltons, I even had a speaking part! He never calls…

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