monastries are recruiting

Worth Abbey are leading the way among a number of other monastries and convents, in using advertising as a tool for  recruiting new members for their monastic house.


In a stroke of genius they are offering ‘taster weekends’ – I quite fancy it, although I would totally be doing it under false pretences, given that I’m married, and have no intentions of becoming a catholic monk.

Interesting though, and well worth doing if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

Perhaps we should try doing taster weekends here…

ht: Paul.

2 thoughts on “monastries are recruiting

  1. Standards Simon Stadards! In this post we have monastried and in the previous one we had Wales being hunted to the verge of extinction. The Daily Mailegraph is right this country is going to the dogs! Woof woof

  2. Three things:
    1) Wales are being hunted, after the serious beating they inflicted on Scotland at the weekend.
    2) I have evidence that you are the same commenter who has in the past encouraged vile and heinous comments from a right wing perspective… why dont you have the courage to use your real name… if that is your real name!
    3) The main problem is that I blurt this stuff out and then scarcely look at it again, hence the poverty of standards… sorry
    Anyway, when you going to ring me now you’ve got my number?

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