work life balancing acts

I’ve been thinking a lot about work life balances recently.

I think we need four elements in our lives, roughly categorised as follows:

Work; Rest; Study; Pray.

Work includes a variety of activities, I would include things other than paid work, gardening, and cooking for example, have real practical necessity – I dont just mean watering the delphiniums… unless they are a vital part of an eco system you have encouraged in your garden to make it more fruitful of course.

Rest is just that, time off, time with friends and family, which doesnt just mean a morning in church, it means time to go for a walk, to read a book, to listen to a great song, to watch a movie… Perhaps it means a return to significant meal times, not just rushed tv dinners and occasional dinner parties?

Study – I think this is vital in our lives.  Our brains go stale if we dont exercise them, we should allow ourselves time to specifically dedicate to learning new things.

Pray: We neglect the spiritual side of our nature at our peril, yet even for people in my fortunate position we sometimes scarcely find time to spend in prayer or mediation.  This too needs a serious amount of attention in the week.

Roughly speaking we could break this down to 28 hours for each in a week, although I think that probably wouldnt work, it certainly doesnt for me.

However, we do need to allow space for seasons within a year too – taking special days to study, to rest, and recognising there are seasons where the work is intense too are all important.

That’s all really, just wanted to say lets work, rest, study and pray – keeps the doctor away or something… 🙂

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