just making my position clear on a couple of issues

For anyone who is interested enough to read the posts on this blog, and is wondering where I am coming from on some of this stuff, particularly the stuff to do with economics and Christianity, I just want to set my stall out.

I am a committed follower of Jesus, I prefer this to the name ‘Christian’ as although I do follow Christian tradition, I have found Christian has come to mean much more than good old Jesus following.

In theological terms I find myself falling into no particular camp, I have sympathies with liberals in some way, with conservative evangelicals in others.  I strongly resonate with Anabaptism, I love the model of Saint Francis of Assisi.  I fit some of the mould of a ‘pomo – emergent’ type, but am part of the charismatic, evangelical free church model.  A while ago I took a test and came out as strongly emergent post modern, and more Catholic than charismatic evangelical, even though I almost certainly a protestant, oh and I also quite like the Orthodox church.

I am politically leftist – I am not a Marxist as such, but I do believe in redistribution, communality, and voluntary simplicity in a world where many are dying for want of a few quid.  I am probably more accurately described as an anarchist.  This is for a number of reasons, one of the main ones is that from my studies of politics the state is defined (by Weber) as having the monopoly on legitimate violence.  I dont agree that there is such a thing as legitimate violence, and so I cant support the state in that role.  That said, I do pay my taxes (or would if my income was high enough), and I intend to abide by the laws of the land in whichever country I am in.

I am living a life full of compromise, unable to meet many of my own aspirations, and constantly aware that my lifestyle doesnt fully match my beliefs.

I change my mind, often.  But generally the three points above remain constant.  My understanding of what it means to follow Jesus is that we are to live sacrificially, in the world but not of it, to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

On this blog my posts are often streams of conciousness, thoughts spewed out unedited and imperfect, and designed to stimulate thought and debate, not to have the last word.  I know I’m not a good blogger, nor even always a regular one, but I blog because I like to write, and to think out loud, and I like to interact in this kind of discussion with others.

I hope if I’m anything, I’m sincere, but I know that even in that I fail quite a bit.  I hope also that my primary motivation in all things is love, although I know in that too I am a repeat offender.


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