Duch in the dock

As I mentioned some time ago – the former Khmer Rouge jailor ‘Comrade Duch’ is now up on trial in Cambodia, as the nation begins to deal with some of the criminals who were part of that horrendous period of genocide.

It remains to be seen how much is uncovered in this process, one of the main obstacles is that China was one of the major financiers of the Khmer Rouge, and are now huge investors in Cambodia, in the form of factories and business capital.

Cambodia still has places where bad men can live quietly until their death, but it seems hiding places are being found, we’ll see how far it goes.

I personally feel that there is some terrible irony in the fact that it’s Duch who is the first to face justice, as he was, according to some reports ‘a pure, fervent, idealist’, and as far as I am aware he’s the only ex KR man to confess to his part in the atrocities.

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