interesting links, just what you need!

People tell me I look a bit like Terry Hall used to – so does that mean I’ll look like this when I’m older?

The Australian police in their wisdom, have now seized the footage of the ‘Whale wars’ between Japanese whalers and the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin.

Researchers say that people need a better reason than ‘hope for the future’ to live sustainably… (shurely shome mishtake!)

Small farmers should consider using horses instead of tractors!!!  Yay – just like the Amish, who I totally respect!!

And talking of the Amish, the great Kevin Kelly says they have a totally undeserved reputation as luddites – they are in fact hackers!

Hamo says church must be small – and I agree.

Traditions are there to be broken apparently, at least when it comes to planting snow drops.

Planners in Devon are demanding that a nice little yurt is pulled down, because it cant have planning permission- its too far from the shops!

Ascension are making a bit of a noise, they’ve been around a while, and have a deserved reputation for their teeshirts.

A fascinating and thought provoking article about Rowan Williams and gay clergy – with hat tip due to Jonny Baker.

TSK is preparing his truck for a European overland which may take him to Morrocco – you want to join Horizons mate, we do this stuff all the time!

In case you werent aware – this is what you should have been doing in your garden this month…. yikes!

Jarrod McKenna puts it better than my muddled efforts, when it comes to advocating social justice in Christianity (ask him about BMWs!)

And finally – Curb are an inspiring advertising agency, not often one gets to say that!


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