Make your own worm bin

After discussions with my mother last week, about my plans for a home-made wormery, how excited was I to see this video…? Yes that’s right – a bit excited.
But seriously, anyone can make one of these bad boys – down with global warming – hooray for global worming!

The Enviromentals (Episode 1) How to Make a Worm Composting Bin from Hal Brindley on Vimeo.


One thought on “Make your own worm bin

  1. hey! My roommates and I have a worm bin. It lives in our kitchen and works amazingly well. It’s a big plastic tub with airholes at the top and a tap on the bottom to let out the juices. We give the worms fresh vegetable scraps; my roommate likes to chop them up in the food processor before he feeds them to the worms. We have thousands of little wormie friends now and lots of really rich compost for our garden.

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