nettle soup – something for the weekend

Its the time of year for one of the most accessible forms of foraging you can do – nettles.

I would hazard that in most parts of the British isles, young nettles are beginning to appear, and young nettles are not good for much except fertiliser and soup.

If you want to make them into fertiliser, that couldnt be simpler, bung them in a large bucket of water, leave them there for a few days, when they begin to stink, they are ready.  Use them as liquid plant food.

If you want the kind of nettle soup you can drink, then gather a decent amount of young nettle tips – stalks and all.

Then take em to your cooking place, and clean them up – wash them and get rid of tough stalks.

Fry up some onion and garlic, and add a pan full of nettle leaves, cook them until they wilt and sweat.

Cover the whole lot with stock, but not before dicing and adding a potatoe.  Cook the whole lot for about 20 minutes to half an hour.

If you are (as I presume) cooking this in a kitchen, you can get a blender or liquidiser and whiz up the mixture until smooth.  If you’re in the wild… I suppose you’ll have to eat it lumpy 🙂

You can add milk, yoghurt, or similar until its nice and thick and smooth, dont bring it back to a boil, or else it could curdle.

Serve with some lovely home made bread.  See my definitive recipe here.

If as planned we make some this weekend, I’ll post some pretty pictures.


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