Catholic Worker pair sentenced for breach


Two members of the Catholic worker movement have been sentenced for what they describe as ‘an act of witness to mark the Catholic ‘Feast of the Holy Innocents’ in December 2008 at Northwood Military Headquarters in North West London’.

The pair cut a gateway into the fence of the top secret military base, which they described as making a way for the Lord.

They were sentenced to pay fines nearing £1000 each, but will refuse to pay on grounds of principle, and so are likely to be jailed.  This isnt the first time Newell will have been incarcerated at her majesty’s pleasure, having spent five days in the cells after refusing to pay a fine last year for a protest outside an arms fair.

I have a lot of time and respect for the Catholic worker movement, and hats off to Newell et al for a fearless pursuit of prayerful principled activism.

Full story here and elsewhere.



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