Build a little worm house in your soul


I was supposed to be working on a presentation this morning, but the arrival of the worms I ordered the other day sent me into a spin of wormery production.

I’d assembled the necessary ingredients to make said wormery – two plastic stacking boxes (£1.60 each) a lid for one (£1.60), four bricks (83p each), and a water butt tap (approx £2.00).  Along with these I used a drill with assorted bits, and some silicone sealant.

Result in about 30 mins I built my wormery, stocked it with 500g of happy worms (£11.40 inc p & p), shredded paper, a little compost and a load of fruit and veg peelings etc.

Very pleasing, takes up little space, and will hopefully prove a very worthwhile investment.

I can reccomend Welsh Worms for their good service – I found them on ebay.  The plastic boxes were from a high street supermarket, the tap and bricks were from Wickes, the drill was from my cupboard as was the sealant.

wormery21This is a really cheap way of home composting, particularly for those with little space, and no garden (like us), the tap drains the bottom tub which holds the liquid which drains off from the wormery which is housed in the top tub.  The liquid is powerful plant food – which needs to be used diluted with water.

If someone as thick as me can make this, then anyone can.  Also it really is very cheap – to buy the cheapest one on the market is about £40.00 this one cost me half of that, including the worms!


3 thoughts on “Build a little worm house in your soul

  1. That’s awesome! I like the two-tiered approach. Our worms did a fair amount of escaping at first too– I didn’t know it was because their environment hadn’t stabilized. They seem quite content now.

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