Allotment envy strikes

Having been a bit busy over the weekend, I took some time off today, and managed to get some gardening in – glorious weather yet again, positively sweltering in the in the greenhouse!

Still not convinced that we’re quite at the point where we should be planting out yet though, so apart from the garlic, which is coming on leaps and bounds after the application of some well brewed nettle ‘tea’, I’ve held off planting anything else.

The only thing I’m thinking of putting in are the Jerusalem Artichokes, which should be able to cope whatever happens weather wise.

I’ve got till good friday to prepare some ground for the first early potatoes, and I’m just about to have a bed ready for some broad beans too. The Peas will go in soon, and the carrots, and in fact once we get into April its going to be all go.

Am feeling very envious of those who have either used a rotavator or got a good raise bed system going. My limited time available for gardeing means that digging by hand is much longer and less instantly rewarding than rotavating, but I think of it like this: It’s my plot, and it also belongs to the myriad of other creatures living in it. By using hand tools, and staying closely in touch with the soil, I am minimising my negative impact on their home, and maximising my connection with it.

That and I’m a stupid middle class hippie wannabe, who ought to know better and will never make anything of himself if he carries on like this…


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