get your exploding fake seals here…

I’ve to get me some of these exploding fake seals, which have been artfully deposited on the Canadian shoreline to suprise dedicated seal clubbers.

Interestingly the campaigners claim that a psychopathy affects clubbers, who like deranged serial killers need to get their fix of smashed up seal.

“We realize that some Magdalen Islanders and Newfoundlanders are addicted to clubbing baby seals,” said psychiatrist and ice crewmember Dr. Brigitte Bartlett (28) from County Cork, Ireland. “We thought it would be a good public service to provide the sealers with some therapy. The urge to club is a difficult one to suppress. These men once they begin killing have this gnawing desire to kill again. It’s a classic pathology found in many serial killers.”

So they have stashed a bunch of fake seals, rigged to explode with red dye and jell-o when bashed…

Yeah ok, its an April Fool, but dont worry if you fell for it, I did too at first (blush).


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