feeding my growing obsession

I have a serious danger of developing a unhealthy obsession with permaculture, which for the uninitiated is more or less a way of gardening/farming which works in harmony with the environment, working in partnership with nature rather than attempting to overpower her.

It isnt helped when I come across things in unexpected places, like this video I found when visiting the Earth Abbey site, as part of some research.

You’ve got to watch this, it’s a few minutes you wont get back, but heck, get a cup of tea or something, you’ll enjoy it I’m certain.  If nothing else, the guy’s amazing hair is well worth watching. Actually, his name is Mike Feingold, and apparently he is a legend in the field of permaculture, which I can believe to be true.

As well as the enjoyment, there is the real opportunity to learn something, here’s a guy actually growing according to permaculture principles, with minimum amount of work, and a joyously anarchic looking, but productive plot.  Get your perennials going…


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