mars and cadbury both going the right way

Chocolate makers Mars have announced that they will be joining Cadbury in making real efforts to change their evil ways.

While Cadbury have committed to turn their Dairy Milk bars Fair Trade this year, Mars have announced that they will be partnering with the Rainforest alliance (good chaps them) to source their cocoa from sustainable sources.

It smacks a little of a catch up game, but it’s good news none the less.  Now they just need to get the whole child slave workers thing sorted…

Of course there’s no sign of Nestle (boo hiss boo hiss) making any significant efforts, plus ca change.

All of this is a sign that pressure from groups like Stop the Traffik is working, which is good news.  Still a long way to go though, and the only thing that will make these companies change is people stopping buying their product.  There’s lots of decent chocolate out there for people who havent completely numbed their conscience, we had Dubble Easter Eggs this year, very nice too.


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