some things to remember about Somali pirates


As the Somali piracy crisis continues to deepen, with more boats being held to ransom, and more people being killed, there are a few things which bear considering as we watch/listen to the news.

1)  This is not a problem that has arisen from nowhere.  As I wrote earlier this year, the Somali problem has been brewing for some time, and has been spurred on by illegal toxic waste dumping, and illegal fishing.  Indeed some of these pirates call themselves the Somali coast guard.

2)  This is not something which has just started, there have been growing problems with piracy over recent years, but because British, European and American ships have not been targetted particularly, the issue hasnt been reported here.

3)  There is an argument that this is the logical extension of a capitalist system: The pirates are asking a price for ships wishing to enter their waters.  Of course this comes at a terrible cost, but in a microcosm this is a fair representation of capitalist ideology… (discuss)

Suggested reading:  Treehugger, Steve Hayes

One thought on “some things to remember about Somali pirates

  1. I fully agree. Re 1 & 2 you will find a couple of posts about that at my blog – as well as a lot of other related – recommended 😉 – stuff.

    Re 3: Very true. It seems a bit arrogant or even ignorant that the wealthy expect to peacefully sail their most expensive goods and resources right by the nose of some of the most poor and war accustomed people.

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