Making my own perfume

I had a bottle of perfume (men’s stuff obviously, I should probably say eau de cologne, but it sounds pretentious) which lasted me about two years, but now it’s run out.  Nobody got me any perfume for Christmas, and I do feel the need to use it occasionally when at some kind of posh thing or other. I only use crystal deoderant, so generally dont smell of anything else other than me…

So anyway I thought what I’d do is I’d make some, it’s in the process of being made right now – here’s what I’m doing.


Taking my inspiration from Carmelite water, but lacking their main ingredients, I improvised, using scents I think are nice.  I got a jam jar and put some sprigs of lavender and rosemary in it.  I covered the sprigs with vodka, and added a couple of drops of the same essential oils.

I gave it a shake, and stuck the jar on a window sill.  Each day I am giving it a shake, and leaving it, I reckon it needs to brew for about three weeks, after which I shall strain off the sprigs, and decant into a sterilised bottle, to be used within about six months.

I’ll let you know how I get on with it once it’s brewed!

Other cosmetics we’ve had a go at include lip balm (very successful, I’ll blog the recipe at some point) and moisturiser, less successful, still working on that one.  I’d like to focus a little more on this, and when we’ve got a fuller complement of herbs growing, hopefully will be able to get up to a bit of herbalism…


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