White evangelicals denying climate change?

shurely shome mishtake…

apparently its split nearly 50:50 – unbelievable.

This is the problem with trying to turn the Bible and Christianity into some kind of literalist fundamentalism rather than a means of understanding a transcendant truth or truths.  When you’re confronted with another set of contradictory facts, you are faced with a problem to which the answer must be adjust or deny… seems like a lot of people are still at ‘deny’.

20090417-pew-forum-global-warminght: treehugger who report: “

More White Evangelicals Say No Warming Happening Than Any Other Group
From this angle, slightly less than one-third of White evangelical Protestants (31%) say that global climate change is not happening. That’s roughly equal to those that believe it is happening, and due to human activity.

From a practical perspective, from one which is trying to motivate people that societal and technological change is needed to combat climate change you might as well throw in those people that believe warming is happening due to natural fluctuations with those that say it is not happening. So that brings the total for Evangelicals to 48%.

That compares to 39% for the population at large, where only 21% of people say that there is no evidence of warming.”


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