Make recycled newspaper plant pots

These babies are excellent for growing things like beans which need long roots, and they can even be put straight into the ground, like peat pots but without the peat – which is a good thing in my book.

This is a fantastic explanation of how to make them, using only newspaper, no glue, tape, staples or etc.  And they also have an added bonus, if you make them with a Guardian size broadsheet newspaper, you’ll find they are exactly the right size to pop a half pop bottle ontop of, to act as a mini greenhouse/propagator.  I’m trialing sweet peas in mine.


On the same subject, inside my slightly less mini propagator I’ve a load of mangetout and borage seedlings getting nice and strong, Echinacea seeds are in there too, but they’ve yet to sprout, its only a matter of time…


2 thoughts on “Make recycled newspaper plant pots

  1. Thanks for this info and image Simon – I’ve had some difficulty getting things to grow in my back garden here in mid-Ireland. I’ll keep this min mind and give it a go at some stage. Very helpful and healthy for environment and all! Brilliant.

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