make your own wormery

wormery1yeah baby – these things are the bomb!!  See here for my full instructions and costings for making them.

We had a tricky week or so after first building ours, when the worms kept geting out to explore at night time, most of them didnt make it back to the workery alive 😦

But now they are over all that wanderlust, and getting on with munching up all of our leftovers, along with various peelings and bits of shredded paper.  They really seem to go through it too, I’ve got some pretty decent looking compost brewing up in there now.

Considering the same kind of stuff dumped in my compost maker on the allotment is nowhere near so well broken down in the same amount of time, I am impressed.  I also put stuff in the wormery that I wouldnt put out on the compost heap for fear of encouraging rodent activity, so bits of leftover cooked food for instance, goes straight in the wormery, no smell, no mess, no mice or rats, just a load of fat happy worms quietly munching away.

I’m hopeless at DIY, and I managed this in about 30 mins, and at a cost of about £20.00 – you could probably do it better, quicker, and more cheaply.


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