first early potatoes

If you planted your first earlies on good friday then there’s a fair chance you will be seeing them coming up now – I put two rows of first earlies in, some on top of the ground, just on some manure, with earth ridged roughly over them, and some in a trench.

I also put some in the bottom of a tire, again on some manure.

The ones which are in a trench are still hiding away, but those which I put on the ground, and those in the tires are sprouting nicely, so I earthed them up today, making sure they are well covered by a layer of soil (and a fair amount of hoed weeds too – tut tut).  We’re still getting some ground frosts here, which fortunately arent too hard now.

I kind of wish I had put more first earlies in now, they are proving to be a good way of dealing with a patch of couch infested ground, they are vigorous enough to battle the couch, and the earthing up is dealing with anything either side of the row.

I’m also planning to do some sheet mulching on that particular plot, which will deal with some more of the weeds without the need to batter the soil in to submission.

Pictures soon…

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