vegetarian trials

Regular readers and those who know me will already know all about my vegetarian principles.

I stopped eating meat in my early teens, at the time it was really because I didnt like meat, but since then I have come to realise the manifold good reasons for vegetarianism, not only is it arguably better for one to eat a vegetarian diet, it is also a much more sustainable way to live.  That’s not even getting started on the ways in which many animals are husbanded and treated, or the crap that goes into them.

There are certain circumstances under which I waive my vegetarian status, they are basically on the grounds of hospitality.  If I am invited somewhere and given meat, then I eat it.  Most notable times of meat consumption were in Mongolia, where I hoped I had found some vegetable soup after a few days of mutton consumption, turned out the vegetable soup was just mutton soup with vegetables in.  Ho hum.

Anyhow, over the last couple of weeks I have eaten (for me) a heck of a lot of meat.  I was invited to a barbeque by people I mistakenly thought knew I didnt eat meat – whoops… that’ll be a sausage on my plate then!

Then I went to stay with a community over the weekend, and ate at the communal table with them, in order:  Chicken in tomato sauce; Sandwich stuffed with Salami; and Pizza topped with some kind of unidentifiable meat.  At least these guys farm all their own meat, so I dont feel too bad about it, but I am glad to be back home and eating vegetables and pulses again!

Anyway, for those who dont believe that you can eat healthily as a vegetarian, those admirable propagandists at Treehugger have posted this slideshow of some of the worlds greatest athletes (apparently, I’m not well placed to judge) who are veggies.  And as for me?  I ran a 10K last year you know…


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