newspaper plant pots

My recycled newspaper plant pots are working, sweet peas are coming up (at last).

Also worth a try: beans in toilet roll tubes, put them at the top so the roots get nice and long, and then bung the whole lot in the ground.

Another thing that works well is growing stuff in egg boxes, although just be careful how long you leave stuff in there, if you let them grow a bit too much,and want to pot them on, the roots may be inside the card of the carton, which can make life a bit tricky.

However, an egg box bottom, with a clear punnet from a pack of fruit makes a handy diy/recycled propagator.

Growing well for me at the moment: Borage; Echinacea; courgettes; Love in a mist; Dwarf french beans; Spinach beat; Sweetcorn (minipop).


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