Organic Cotton

Fantastic day in Bristol yesterday, at the ‘Cotton On’ Organic cotton conference.

Very encouraging and useful time, met lots of people I’d heard about or corresponded with over the last few years, and really felt encouraged to re-engage with the whole area of Organic cotton again.  I’ll be honest and say that I’ve found myself somewhat discouraged in that area recently.

Only problematic aspect was the journey there, I had to drop Kel in Deby on the way down, so we set off at about 5.30, got to Derby in loads of time, and then thanks to a combination of a few misjudged road choices and plenty of speed restrictions, I managed to get to Bristol 40 minutes late, which was a right pain – still, didnt miss too much, and got to do everything I planned to, so that was a bonus.

Great day! Well done to all at Bishopston and those who helped them put it on, a very rich and rewarding time was had by all.


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