Gun Control and Apartheid South Africa

Steve Hayes is a blogger whose writing I enjoy greatly, he writes often about fascinating topics, from social justice and environmental issues, to spiritual stuff.  All worth reading.

The other things he writes are vivid accounts of life in Southern Africa during the Apartheid era, he really does paint amazing word pictures, partly fuelled by what seems to be a very comprehensive set of diaries.

His best work combines the two approaches, and today’s article is a good example of that, talking about the issue of gun control, illustrated with a vignette from his life in the 1960s, I shan’t say more, you should read it.


4 thoughts on “Gun Control and Apartheid South Africa

  1. I am interested to hear your views on guns. Personally I support far higer levels of gun ownership. Not because of some ‘american guns are freedom’ nonsense, but because guns allow people to hunt and kill food. The hunting of wild food is something we should surely encourage. Guns offer the opportunity to put food supply back in the hands of the individual in the way few other things do.

    1. Hmmm, yeah I do admit to some mixed feelings about gun ownership. On the American ‘militia’ type front, I am definitely against, on the grounds that the right to arm bears would make more sense than the right to bear arms.
      However, I do recognise the sense in hunting wild food, but so far as I can see this no longer fits with the way our society works. It’s just not practical to arm the populace and encourage them to go hunting, unlike in America which has a far greater percentage of open space per person than do we. Even up in Bonnie Scotland there would be an issue if the townies all descended on the countryside each weekend to bag a few bits of game for the pot. Anyway, there is no real wild land in the UK now, its all managed to within an inch of its life. The nearest thing we’ve got to wild is my bloomin’ allotment, which is taking full advantage of my non appearance over the last few weeks to grow a bumper crop of weeds 😦
      Personally I do object to hunting for sport, I think that hunting can play a part in a sustainable approach to food, but that would require a total change in culture. I think you’re talking about empowering the urban prolateriat to take back food gathering, sadly we’ve been so conditioned that it might be a question of going hunting for tinned sausages rather than rabbit…
      Basic view on guns: they are bad. But then, wasnt it Confucious who said: “Guns don’t kill people, rappers do.”

  2. I think you are confusing confucius with Eddie Izzard who said”guns dont kill pepople, people kill people but guns do help”. will reply with more thought soon.

    1. yeah, I do get them mixed up, then again it might just have been goldie looking chain… so many philosophers, so little time…

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