MP’s expenses – the perils of a free press

Please be warned, you might not want to read this one, I wrote this late at night, it’s ill thought out, it probably doesnt make sense, and its a proper rant, takes a while to get going, but it’s a proper rant alright.

Only read on if you’re prepared to bear that in mind. Kel will be back soon, and I wont be staying up late ranting on the blog, I’ll be ranting at her instead like I ususally do….

Rant starts….3,2,1… now:

Are we reaping the benefits of a free press by having the Daily Telegraph drip feed us salacious news about the expenses claimed by MPs? Or are we experiencing nothing less than the deliberate undermining of a political system in order to force an early general election, at a time when Labour could never win? Or are we just reaping what we’ve jolly well sown?

Is it me, or does the (totally hypocritical by the way) hounding of politicians by the media seem a little contrived? There has certainly been an amount of spin put on this story, which, given the facts, quite frankly needed no spin to help it along.

But hey, we got labour politicians front and centre, giving Cameron time to prepare his ‘Strong leadership stance’ – which at other times would simply have been seen as authoritarianism.

Key labour figures who might have taken Brown’s place and steered a course through the next election have been (from my pov) targetted, that doesnt seem to have happened with the Tories. In fact its almost like the Tory stories have all been about the old Tory stereotypes, (moats, pools, gardeners) and the Labour ones have been about the excesses of post Thatcherite Blairism – 8000 pound TV’s. Sneer sneer at the Labour Nouveau Riche – well that’s a ll well and good if you were sneering at them when times were good you sniping gutter bandits.

But instead, in those good old days, which now by the way are the bad old days when we were being diddled by everyone and didnt know it because we were too busy putting our own snouts in the trough… Brown was ‘the Iron chancellor’ the king of prudence’ and the nouveau riche Labourites were ‘Blairs Babes’ – what a backlash, what a shower, what a hypocrisy.

I’m no fan of labour, or of our democracy, or of democracy as a general concept – SEEING AS IT DOESNT EXIST, but unless everyone’s going to stand shoulder to shoulder and work for a better life together, we’re going to have to make the best of what we’ve got. That isnt going to be acheived by bringing the government to its knees at a time of financial crisis, and putting David silver spoon Cameron into power. Yes Dave, we know you didnt fiddle your exes, you were already stinking rich – woopedy do.

Tories go in – big business gets more of a foothold, simple as that. You know, just like when we all voted new labour in, cos we didnt like the unions… duh! The Unions are actually working for you, you wally! One of the most important things about fair trade (which we all love right) is the right to unionise – no union power, no protection.

The Telegraph is making a packet out of this by the way, which is morally dubious in itself, given that the material was (no doubt) technically stolen in the first place.  I’ve always respected the Telegraph for their adept news reporting, even with their trademark right wing angle – you can adjust for that if you know its there can’t you. Now the only thing I like about them is their gardening blog, and that’s only about flipping Chelsea boring flower show now.

A general election now would be a disaster, lets be honest the Euro elections will be a disaster, Nigel Farrage and his bunch of looneys will make a big gain, and wont that just be great. Vote UKIP to keep out the BNP – hmmm great, what a wonderful choice – feels like comparing Hitler and Stalin to me.

I dont think we shouldnt have known about all this, I just think that the Torygraph shouldnt have spun it out in the way it did – it has simply pumped an enormous shot of adrenalin into the little Englander artery, which has sent a jolt of blood to the collective head of the British people, and mde our eyes pop out. Aaaargh! Some nasty little commie is pinching extra money to buy a big tele and make a profit on their house! Yeah well no wonder, you wouldnt vote the real commies in would you, you numbskull… instead you voted for people like you, who say… ‘well if it’s there and I can take it, I may as well, it’s not really hurting anyone…’ after all, its just like taking a pen home from work really, the sums arent so great are they? Not when you consider how much we’re spending on killing people.

Say it together children ‘I do believe in democracy, I do, I do’

Wasnt going to be a rant – just turned out that way.


2 thoughts on “MP’s expenses – the perils of a free press

  1. The system is rotten. It’s a good thing that people get educated about the truth of it, otherwise how will it ever change.

    I think your fear that Labour comes out of this worse than the Conservatives is paranoia. I pretty much agree that an MP should be able to get a decent TV in their second home on expenses (although 9k is too much obviously), but no one in their right minds would think that the tax payer should be paying to have moats cleared or tennis courts fixed. The Conservatives come out of this terribly.

    Take the long view. You are sure it’ll be worse for the country if the Conservatives are in power than if this excuse for a Labour government stay in. You’re probably right, but in the long run, it’ll be worse for the country if we don’t swallow the medicine, get through another Tory period (hopefully just long enough to shoot identity cards in the head), and give Labour a chance to reconnect with their purpose in life.

    Giving the lesser of two evils carte blanc to do whatever they like is a dangerous game, sometimes it pays to use the worse of two evils to keep the lesser in check.

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