GREEN shoots of recovery?

Seems like there might just be signs of hope for the British recycling industry, which had been in something of a bad way recently.

According to a report in yesterday’s Sindie, the price of recyclable rubbish is now rising again, after almost flatlining a few months ago.

I can remember hearing reports of councils stashing huge stockpiles of glass and metals in old air-force bases, because they just couldnt sell the stuff. There was a significant fear at the time that the whole recycling thing was about to implode, as it would just have been too expensive for any council to maintain doorstep collections.

If that’s changing, it’s really got to be a good thing.

For some reason though, I have never lived in a house where I’ve had my recyclables collected, I’ve always had to go and recycle them myself, which can be a bit of a pain at times, but lets be honest, it isnt the hardest task we could be handed.

One thing that has troubled me a little from time to time though, is what to do with the plastic tops from milk bottles, they arent the same plastic as the bottles, so will they get recycled? I’ve generally opted not to care too much, and just stuck ’em in with the bottles. Other times, I’ve held onto the little blighters, thinking of maybe doing something like make a bird scaring device with them (yeah, I dont know how either).

Anyway, here’s a place you can (I think!) send your milk bottle tops to, they will recycle them, and then give the proceeds to charity. Sounds alright to me. HT: Zero Waste.


One thought on “GREEN shoots of recovery?

  1. Wahee! Thank you for sharing the link love and for helping spread the message about how to recycle plastic milk bottle tops.

    You’re right – GHS will accept them and keep a running total for you so that a charity of your choice can benefit.

    it’s a win-win!

    Mrs G (13508 days old)

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