Peyoti for President


I’ve been really impressed by a new band to hit my radar screen.

Peyoti for President are a British band whos album ‘Rising tide of Conformity’ came out on May 4th. Peyoti for President do a pretty good job of defying description by genre. Their lyrics are heavily politically charged, and fairly full on in language terms -just say I’m glad I didnt put the CD on in the car when the kids were in it!

Certainly they are the nearest thing I’ve heard to a British equivalent to Manu Chao or Gogol Bordello, they combine spanish/flamenco style with a kind of gypsy punk sound, but that really doesnt sum them up enough. They manage to acheive a real multi racial, world, feel to the music, without that kind of new age hippy styling that many others end up with. Plenty of aggressive percussion, feisty spanish guitars, shouting vocals with lulling backing vox, and a few dreadlocks all help.

I can hear the Clash in there, as well as some of the Latin sounds that are making headway around the world, and then some of the hard edged new wave groups, I suppose I’m thinking of the Fall actually.

I think though that the music is inextricable from the politics, which is full on revolutionary. The whole album seems like a manifesto, a rebel yell calling forth the people’s revolution. Its like nothing I’ve heard for a few years, and all the more refreshing for that. I believe Tom Robinson said they were more about a way of life than about a type of music, and that does seem appropriate, he should know after all. Are these more authentic than the  ‘days that changed the world’ Tom?

The group combine a tangible sense of anger (righteous and otherwise?), of great musical and lyrical ability, and an ability to write catchy songs which seem to avoid being pop, while retaining the ability to engage an uneducated listener.

I like their ability to make me sit up and listen, I like their attitude, I disagree with them on many things, am right with them on others, fundamentally I think they could have a singularly interesting career, so get in there while they are still new.

One thing I really like about them, is that if you try to interact with them through their site, you’ll get straight in touch with the band, no management fob off, it’s them, doing their thing. Being Peyoti for president. They’ve put their money where their mouth is and bypassed the whole corporate music industry thing, in my humble assesment that is not only the ethical thing to do, but it makes sound common sense too these days. More power to their elbow, I’m a fan.

Vote Peyoti for President, the only vote that counts.

Check out the band’s website, and their myspace for more. Also catch them on youtube. Most importantly, get a copy of the CD, a snip at £9.99.


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