Satire on Celtic romanticism and the ‘retreat industry’

Rather biting satire here, which might have been a little better presented and slightly less wordy… but very clever nonetheless.

Anyone who is as well versed as I am in the lore of the Christian retreat ‘industry’ and/or who has read any books about ‘Celtic’ Christianity will find it hard to emerge from this with anything less than a smirk, it’s rather close to home.

There certainly is a lot of cow droppings talked by various people, who really ought to know better, which makes the ‘Celtic’ era out to be a time of either snuggly hippies, or punk style eco warriors – anyone with a a brain can get past that surely… apparently not.

On the other hand of course, as all satire is, its perhaps a little too unkind on some people, but then again hopefully they just wont read it, or perhaps if they do, just wont realise its about them…

Anyway, this Prayer Book of the Beker people is certainly only for you if you’ve got a long lunch break and no friends to talk to – that’d be me then.


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