Allotment disasters

Writing the book has wreaked havoc on the plans for allotmenting this year, the plot has been badly neglected at the most crucial time.

I had pinned my hopes on a bunch of plants I’ve raised from seed at home, and nutured carefully, hardening them off on exterior windowsills, and carefully tending them. A load of dwarf beans, courgette plants, squash plants, sweetcorn and so on.

I saw an opportunity to get down to the allotment this afternoon, so I took it. I loaded up the plants in a cardboard box, and took some big sheets of card with me too, I loaded them all on to the bike, and set off pushing them.


After crossing the road and going up a curb the bike overbalanced, and my grip on the box of plants wasnt good enough to stop it tipping them out on to the pavement – snapped stems all over the place.

Severely gutted by this turn of events I continued to the allotment, where I found the plot overgrown with weeds, I’ve not been able to get there for about a fortnight – total nightmare.

So there we go – wont be living off the land this year. In future any writing will be done in the autumn and winter, spring and early summer are too precious.

Gutted of Grimsby.


3 thoughts on “Allotment disasters

  1. Ewww, what a sucky story – sorry to hear about that. If it’s any consolation, I am considering turfing over my beds, they are just riddled with weed seeds and I’m losing everything. It’s not funny 😦
    I might try raised beds and containers next year.

    We live and learn! Nature is amazing though eh? We turn our backs for 4 days and the weeds are knee deep; what power to her!

    1. hey Mrs Green, thanks for the comment 🙂 Yes nature is amazing, trouble is she does tend to grow what she wants rather than what I want… I suppose the balance is finding something we both want! I’m experimenting with a bed full of manure, with card on top and some compost on top of that, with a straw mulch around the plants – lets see some weeds get in there!

  2. three suggestions
    1) B+Q; get yourself some new seedlings
    2) Less twittering more weedering
    3) Glyphosate and plenty of it
    Seriously the seedlings is a right shame. I feel your pain there.

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