distant relations

Apparently my uncle has been doing some research, looking into the family dna – he’s as bad as Jack Straw! But anyway, he came up with some interesting findings, it turns out that our dna link us straight back to a tribe of people who travelled up into Britain from southern europe an age ago. Apparently our distant relation is Oetzi the iceman, the world’s oldest human mummy (yep, even older than madonna).

I must confess to feeling a little less than convinced, but then I saw a picture of oetzi, and gazing at those dull lifeless eyes, that rictus grin, that leathery skin, I began to see something familiar… see if you can see the resemblance between my brother and Oetzi… go on have a go!


Above is Oetzi the iceman, note his strange costume, his leathery skin, and long dead eyes.

And below, my brother Matthew…


As you can see, in certain parts of the family the resemblance is still very apparent, the sunken chest, cadaverous features, you get the idea…


3 thoughts on “distant relations

  1. Good heavens above, it was like loking into a mirror, although I believe brother Cadfael doesnt/didnt share quite the same love of gypsy punk as I do… quite remarkable.

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