when did we go back to the dark ages?

somehow I turned around and there were fascists in the streets again, thought I’d gone back in time, but in fact it was just the BNP and their cousins the slyer UKIP celebrating election wins.

Simon Barrow of Ekklesia says we need to re-examine their Christian nation rhetoric , he’s right as usual.

“Churches need to dissect and reject attempts to identify and conflate faith, race and nation, as well as combatting the mainstream drift towards blaming, targeting and scapegoating migrants.”

I agree, we need to take serious stock of the way we think, talk, act around this whole area.

This all reminds me of Oldham in 2001 where I was part of the coverage of the race riots, and got hit by a brick for my troubles. We’re about to head into a long hot summer apparently (evidence is lacking) and if the BNP are likely to agitate, we could see more disturbances yet.

For the record I didnt vote in the Euro election, that is my principalled choice, I dont support the system and so I wont participate – however I remain part of the system like it or not, and so the votes of others do affect me, and sad to say Yorkshire and Humber were one of the two places in the country to return a BNP MEP – oh dear.

Must confess to finding the hassle Griffin is getting a bit amusing though, I met him in 2001, sadly didnt have an egg with me at the time, I did give him a mean look though… don’t think he noticed 😦 The BNP have talked about a new era of politics, I doubt they meant one where elected politicians cant give press conferences without being attacked by mobs. ho hum.


2 thoughts on “when did we go back to the dark ages?

  1. Hi Simon, thanks for this. Just to point out that it’s EKKLESIA (not Ecclesia). Might seem pedantic, but the Greek rather than Roman designation is about a new kind of public square (reshaped in the alternative practices of the community of Jesus), not straightforward ecclesiastical authority.
    ‘Aye, S.

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